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Transformative Dance: Soul Motion and Gestalt Awareness Practice with Zuza Engler and Friends

Join us on the path of Embodied Inquiry into the heart of embodied presence, authentic relating, co-creative community, and spirituality that is grounded in the body.

Embodied Inquiry is a unique, leading-edge path bringing together conscious movement, awareness training, inner work, and stillness practice into an integrated transformative process that touches body, heart, and spirit.

The process draws upon Soul Motion™, a conscious dance and embodied leadership practice, body-centered explorations of Gestalt Awareness Practice, and somatic inquiries of ancient and modern meditative traditions.

We offer classes, workshops, and long term study groups in the San Francisco Bay Area, at Esalen Institute, and other locations around the world.


Soul Motion™: Ancestors Calling
a weekend with Vinn Arjuna Marti
Finnish Hall, Berkeley
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